INSPIRATION - White Reindeer

Damn. Got the halloweeny yard "art" done, and figured I'd paid my debt to society for whatever crime or sin I'd committed. Not so. Or, maybe it's just the Woodworking Gods playing tricks. Seems the dau-in-law did me a favor, and for payback she wants me to make two white reindeer yard "art". Payback is Hell.
Well, I'm not about to put out good moey for patterns. So, started looking for pictures of those pukey reindeer on line, so I could scale them up. And, found this link. It'll save me loads of time scaling this stuff up. In fact the legs and antlers ard all that's left. And I'm gonna change the antlers, because in the pictures they look like the antennae on a Luna Moth, in a strong headwind. I printed a few pictures of real reindeer and I'll sketch up something similar. The worst part of this will be laying out a grid of 3" squares on a full sheet of plywood. I may make a let of pattersn to keep on hand , just in case.
JOAT It's not hard, if you get your mind right. - Granny Weatherwax
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