I'm back yet again...... and need pine flooring near Memphis

Been WAY too busy lately.. bought the basket case house, did some major bust and dust on it, one day I'm busy hanging new dry-wall when some dude walks in and starts talking to me about the house.. he says he was looking at it and wanted to buy it to do a complete over-haul on it like I was doing, but was called out of the country for Military service. he politely inquired how much I ended up paying for it, and was visibly pained when I told him... long story short, I owned the house for a month, sold it to him for a fat cashiers check (not to say the cashier was fat, though she may have been, but the check was large ;-) and cleared a chunk of change.
So now I'm building a new house:
(note the 2-car shop ;-)
It's coming along nicely:
It doesn't look like it, but I should get my C.O. and move in on June first.
To finish out the second floor "expansion room" above the 2-car shop. (month of June) I need to find a mill in or near Memphis, TN that will sell me 3/4" T&G Southern Yellow Pine flooring It needs to be sanded, but bare. I hate Pollyurinestain. I will hand finish the floor with shellac (I hope Paddy has LOTS of flakes for me) and buff with wax. this is going to be a play room for the kiddies and I like pine, and hate repairing scratched Poly....
-- John G. in Memphis, TN Have a nice......... night.
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