Follow up report on new Bosch 4412 12" SCMS

Folks -
This is the follow up report on my new sliding chop saw that I got as an early XMAS present from SWMBO...
For some background, I returned a Bosch 4412 that we got about a month ago due to arbor troubles that Bosch is aware of and has long since recified. I was speaking with Bosch's Senior District Mgr. and he said that the arbor trouble was very isolated and he had only had a couple of saws with "issues", out of the hundreds that he's sold. That being said, I was able to exchange my saw without any trouble and the new saw checks out okay. Here's my 2c worth...
The saw was carefully packed and only took a few minutes to make operational. The tools for adjusting the saw, save a square, are included and my only complaint is that they should have included a 10mm socket in addition to the end wrench for adjusting the bevel stops.
The saw was just barely out of square for bevel and the instructions for adjustment were easy to follow. At 45 degrees bevel angle the saw was dead on, both left and right, no adjustment was needed, though there is a separate adjustment for the 45 degree setting, which is nice.
Surprisingly, the fence was off by over 1/16, but the adjustment for the fence was quite easy. There is also an adjustment for the tension of the locks for bevel and miter, which is nice, but these were ok.
After these adjustments the cuts came out smooth; miter and bevel cuts were tight and square. The whole process took only about 20 minutes and any future adjustments would go faster. The factory blade worked quite well, but the wife has promised me a Forrest Blade for it, and I sure as heck am not going to turn that down...
The depth adjustment is sturdy, and while I don't think I'll be using the saw to cut dadoes or tenons, it looks like it would hold the adjustment. The saw also came with a dust collection bag, but I am not sure why... hehhehhe.... I'll bet the inside of the bag will be the cleanest place in the shop after I start cutting with this beast.
The adjustable fences are sturdy and lock down tight, they are better than the fences on my old DeWalt 708 SCMS - and I was VERY happy with that saw as well. The saw came with an adjustable length stop and work piece hold own - but you need to remove the hold down BEFORE you pick up the saw, otherwise it just slides down through the open bottom mounting hole - makes it VERY awkward to set the saw down unless you remove the stop first. Bosch should make this a blind hole with a relief for sawdust to improve useability.
All of the controls for bevel and miter can be adjusted and securely locked from the front of the saw - a BIG improvement over having to reach around to the back of the saw to adjust and lock the bevel.
All in all I am happy with this saw and would recommend it. I have several other Bosch tools and have used the hell out of them. I have no other connection to Bosch and blah, blah, blah.... Just wanted to give a report from the shop!
John Moorhead
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