14" Band Saw advice

Thanks for the reminder.
Already know about Louis . . . gotten a few things from him already . . . plus the catalog is a nice read, anyway.
Agreed, getting a 'used but not abused . .' piece of equipment at a 'dirt cheap price' is a very good way to go. However it is VERY dependent on {at least} TWO things . . . a} the *availability* of the equipment in YOUR area and b} YOUR level of 'mechanical skill' and *knowledge* of the equipment i.e. 'DIRT' may be the operative word in the pricing. While it was one of the avenues I explored, there was nothing in the local area - not even 'commercial' sized equipment. The likelihood that any would surface if I waited was slim to none.
However, I did some *serious* shopping and got a good deal. As I said, in hindsight I should have gotten the Riser {for future use}at the same time & level of discount. While I didn't, and the price had gone up a great deal in the interim, a bit of *serious searching* got me an 'new-in-the-box' used one for less then that original price. But I WAS lucky.
We all have to make choices that are within our own abilities, budget, and needs. All I'm saying is to look at ALL your options before putting your hand in your pocket.
Regards, Ron Magen Backyard Boatshop

Completed it won't save me any money compared to the used Jet, but you can readily see the better quality.

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