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New S60 phone with built in FLIR
This years christmas present perhaps ??. Designed by the same people who did the new Ektra phone for Kodak. Andrew Forgot the link !.
3 years ago 1
OT: Expanding universe question.
Maybe not the right place to ask. Or maybe exactly the right place to ask, since I think there are some here interested in this sort of thing? Anyway, be gentle with me :-) We're told that nothing can...
3 years ago 66
mouting a handrail to the top edge of a 4 x 2 beam.
Has anyone found the brackets to do this? On 24 Oct 2016, Capitol grunted: FWIW I needed some of these a few years ago, and never managed to find any. Odd, isn't it? Ended up getting mine custom-made...
3 years ago 10
Back up to Green Power
Is this sort of thing common? DerbyBorn wrote in news:XnsA6AB691C88E1ATrainJPlantntlworldc@ Tiny URL: Increasingly so. You can get paid a lot of money to be just on standby. Google STOR...
3 years ago 31
Can't open my old PVC front door (gearbox seems shot). Help!
Hello friends, My old UPVC front door won't open, as of this morning. The key turns foreve r, but it is not releasing the lock. It has a multipoint espagnolette lock with 4x mushroom studs, very much...
3 years ago 17
OT Converting CO2 to ethanol
Dennis posted this a few days ago. Do keep up! One of my final projects. Who remembers Amory Lovins when he was claiming America could fuel its cars on alcohol, based on brewery output. Trouble is he...
3 years ago 4
Free money
Just paid £5000 for a cruise to NYC in 2018 and shoved it onto a 48 mo nth interest free card while my cash makes 7.7% in BP share dividends. If y ou have a 5* credit rating, there are no end of...
3 years ago 20
Mobility scooter anti-tip wheels
Eleven quid each seems a bit much for these, to me anyway. Anyone got an alternative supplier of little wheels? Something like this perhaps? Throw away the ironmongery and just use the wheel. It's...
3 years ago 10
OT Ping Chris Hogg again re wildflowers
You may remember giving me help a while ago. I have these - Country Garden in my front garden. Most have died, but the light mauve coloured ones are still excellent. Dunno the name of them. My...
3 years ago 8
Loud clattering noise from freezer when compressor starts
Our Bosch fridge freezer has started to make a loud and ominous clattering noise as the compressor starts up, it then continues to run quietly. There's a recording of it on my Google Drive The...
3 years ago 9
Windows 10 updating
Twice in the last 24 hours my computer has rebooted and spent a long time updating Windows 10. Why 2 large updates in such a short period? Because Microsoft sucks? If you tell it you have a metered...
3 years ago 65
DIY fun
Had lots of little jobs to do this week. 1) Get rid of old PVC window frame and glass. Bought Butane torch and melted corners of frame so I could fold it into a s mall enough size to take to the tip....
3 years ago 53
Disconnecting water supply to Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler
Hi. I want to fit a lever-operated ball valve to the mains water feed to my boiler. When I chop the feed pipe and fit the valve, inevitably, I'll end up introducing some air into the pipe. Does anyone...
3 years ago 2
I have an old Potterton fireside black beauty 35/51 back boiler keeps turning off pilot light
Hello I hope someone can help with this one. I have an old Potterton fireside black beauty 35/51 back boiler. until this morning it was running fine. It flamed up fine and the heating/water came one...
3 years ago 10
OT- Lower fat Chinese meals
Hi all, I visit a local Chinese restaurant in the UK, about twice a month with family. I have been following a low fat and sugar diet to lose weight and control diabetes. From the menu, I have had...
3 years ago 36