Wallpapering round an outside corner

I am an experienced paper hanger, but I have never been able to solve the
following wallpaper problem:-
My hallway has an outside corner which is rounded off over most of it's
height, but squared off for the last foot or so at the bottom and top. How
do you paper round this corner neatly? I can fudge it using anaglypta and a
little filler on the overlaps, but a patterned paper is difficult. The
results always look untidy.
Is there any "approved" method for achieving a neat corner?.
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Rob Bashford
I could never wallpaper as it doesn't seem to come with holes for switches and sockets! Hack off the squared bit and make it match the rest. There is no other way to do it unless you can stretch the paper so it's a mad shape. One way would be to do it in two pieces but it will leave lines. Patterns are terrible to try and get right as I have never known a house to have perfectly square walls.
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In article , Rob Bashford writes
My hall has 2 of these outside corners. I centred the main vertical focus of the pattern on the curve and where it blended into a squared off corner I made a vertical cut in the centre and finished the resulting flaps such that the original outside edges of the paper remained vertical. This leaves a gap in the middle of the squared off section which I finished with a patch, again with the pattern centred on the corner.
Pic here:
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I lnow what I would do. Cover the square bit first, and then cover the corner with a slit bit.
Cant do much better than that.
The best solution is to ruund off the square bit..or square off the round bit!
Patterned wallpaper works bets in dead square boring rooms.
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The Natural Philosopher
"fred" wrote in message
Good effort,however you would have been better starting wallpapering at that point,that way you would have got a pefectly lined up pattern on its corners.
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Oh the joy of removing switches and sockets (vacuum the wall box). Wallpapering and then carefully cutting a hole. In the meanwhile, give sockets and switches a good clean and polish.
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Because you had dedicated craftsmen in those times and before.
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Good luck. Didn't some houses have a chamfer over most of the height - and a proper corner top and bottom? Presumably before the days of the metal beads that plasterers now use to made a robust corner.
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