Vaillant & Glowworm updated parts & Cowboys

Last week, I had a problem with 3 year old Vaillant EcoMax Pro 18E. It
was dripping water from the bottom of the casing. It turns out the
cause was related to the float in the condensate tank. Because of poor
design, the tank and associated siphoning equipment is prone to
malfunctioning because it gets gunged up and sticks, causing the
condensate to back up and spill over into the casing. It then drips
out the bottom of the casing.
The obvious way to treat this problem is to have someone come and
inspect then clean up all the components and put them back together
again. This of course leads to nice repeat business which the
customer pays for.
It transpires that there is a modified design available as a free
service exchange but unless you know about it and demand it, then its
not likely that any non-Vaillant engineer will fit it - particularly
if its a free lancer you have selected yourself or a sub-contractor
to a sub-contractor that the manufacturer might provide.
But then that's another story that brings to mind words like cowboys,
Rogue Traders and BBC Watchdog.
In my case the cowboy's first question was...'Is this a contact job or
a one off? When you mention you have a drip problem then cowboy will
say......' ' Oh, its a repair job then and parts will be extra. I
havnt got a big stock of parts in the van so I will have to go and get
them' '.
I wasnt going to stand for this nonesense so told him where to get
off. HWMBO was most impressed.
Incidentally its the same condensate tank arrangement that is fitted
to Glowworm 18 Hxi boilers.
Good luck!
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So let me see if I understand you right:
1. You have a problem with your boiler which turns out to be a fault which the manufacturers have a free fix for, which engineers who specialise in your make of boiler should know about.
2. You engage an engineer who isn't a specialist in your make of boiler and who doesn't know about the manufacturer's free fix, who proposes to charge you for doing a repair on the boiler as he would if it were any other boiler repair job (including asking you to pay for him getting and fitting model-specific parts for the appliance which, not being a specialist in this make, he couldn't reasonably be expected to keep as van stock).
3. And therefore he's a cowboy ... why exactly?
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John Stumbles
I couldn't have put it better myself. I fit mostly Vaillants and service a lot of different boilers. I would not have known that this was a stock fault with a free(?) upgrade part (non of the ones I look after have shown this problem yet [1]).
[1] Partly because an annual service for these would usually include sniffing the flue gases and cleaning out the condensate trap.
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Ed Sirett
In message , Ed Sirett writes
A bit like what I was trying to explain to RDS or whoever he was, who didn't seem to be interested in taking on another point of view
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Correct. You've got that bit right.
Not correct. I did not engage an engineer who isn't a specialist. I contacted Vaillant and booked a visit with them for one of their own engineers. Apparantly, because they were busy, they delegated it to one of their sub-contractors who then engaged a sub-contractor of their own - and he was the cowboy. Got it?
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After the Cowboy's visit, I contacted Vaillant and they sent out one of their own engineers to do the job properly and he advised that there was a general problem with the condensate arrangement. Hence the frre upgrade.
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OK, got the scene, but you have still not explained why he was a cowboy.
He did not know about the free part, which given the circumstances you describe it not at all surprising. However, this is obviously a failing of Vaillant's chain of delegation, and not that of the man tasked with the repair.
Was he unprofessional, lacking appropriate skills or tooling, not CORGI registered, attempting to over charge etc?
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John Rumm
OK, but why do you call him a cowboy? Was it just because he accepted the twice-delegated job? Did he claim to be fully trained & supported by Vaillant when he wasn't?
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John Stumbles
I can understand the customer's concern thinking that they would get a Vaillant operative (who would know about upgrades etc.). The problem lies with Vaillant being too busy to have full control over their after sales service not with the guy who turned up.
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Ed Sirett

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