Under Worktop Child safety Locks

Hello All
In our kitchen we have an island unit with the worktop overhanging the
cabinets by about 2" On one side there are three sets of drawers and on the
other metal framed (safety) glass doors.
I have fitted child safety locks to all the other cupboards and drawers in
the kitchen apart from the three top draws and the three metal framed glass
The problem with the top drawers is that there is no room to fit a
traditional safety lock due to the overhanging worktop and the metal framed
glass doors don't have enough frame to screw a lock to.
My idea is to fit something to the overhanging underside of the worktop that
I can push up to allow the drawer / door to open then push again to block
the drawer /
My other idea is similar but to use a spring loaded hinge that you push up
to open the door then springs back when you close it.
Does anyone know of anyone who sells such things or any other ideas?
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In message , ANDREW BORRETT writes
Do you actually need to fit lock to all these though (if you do fine, but why make work/expense for yourself.
We have had locks on just one cupboard where cleaning products etc. live, can't see a need to lock everything
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chris French

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