Toasted sandwich makers that last > 13 months ?

Hi, Slightly off topic, but this forum always manages to amaze and
We eat lots of cheese toasted sandwiches, and have a Breville sandwich
maker with removable & washable plates.
The Teflon usually starts to come off the plates after a while
(usually just outside warranty). It's possible to buy replacement
plates (=A311 for plates =A316 for the whole thing). I don't want to buy a
new toaster which is wasteful, but I resent pouring good money into
a never ending series of replacement plates. The economics look
somewhat like inkjet printers, where it's cheaper to buy a new printer
has anyone found a toasted sandwich maker which:
1) Seals the sandwich (i.e not pannini style - a baked bean pannini
is not easy to eat )
2) has plates which can be easily removed to be cleaned in a
Cost may not be a factor IF I can find one which lasts
many thanks
Jonathan Ives
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No, by their nature they are disposable. Let's say you use it 4 times a week. That's 200 cycles a year, which if you replace every year is 8p per cycle. Not bad value. Not everything lasts forever.
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?categoryCode=3I always use a microwave to do the cheese. Toast in the toaster then apply the cheese and give 30 seconds in microwave. No washing up!
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The life of PTFE is governed by the quality of the preparation which with Breville might well be quite good.
After that it is down to: operating temperature, cleaning regimens and amount of abrasion in use. Sugar can apparently damage it.
Maybe you leave the heating element on for too long?
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So, apart from the Dualit our Breville Duo (non removable plates) is still doing well after a few years but then we don't use it *very* regularly.
It has lost the teflon in a couple of the corners but not enough to case any problems it seems.
And unlike the toaster [1] provides very predictable results.
All the best ..
T i m
[1] Any toaster we have used so far (see toaster threads) ;-)
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T i m
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?categoryCode=3Two coats of non stick! How did they get the second to stick to the first?
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