Tilt and Turn Windows

I'm looking to buy a 630x750mm tilt and turn window for my bathroom to
fit myself. So far I have looked at Dunster House, the price seems good
but does anybody have any experience of the quality? Also I'm not
overly keen on UPVC, so can anybody recommend a source of wooden ones
(any more links to UPVC suppliers would also be appreciated)? I may
also consider building one myself if I can get hold of the mechanism,
but again I can't find a supplier for them.
Any help much appreciated.
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Cod Roe
If you live not to far from a channel port (or can send a lackey) and can manage a little French, I recommend the Tradition-Chene range from LaPeyre
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I ordered several of these windows through the website, tilt & turn (oscillo-battant) in solid oak (chene), nominated the Calais branch for pick-up, they dropped me an email to say when they were ready (2 weeks lead time I think), and took me 15 minutes to complete business and load up 11 windows from their store.
Very happy with quality, fit and finish. A quick look at their website suggests you'd be looking at 250 euro for the size you require.
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They look very good indeed, think I will pop over and get a car load. Thanks for your reply. If the French can do it for those sort of prices why can't we?
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Cod Roe
I think the key difference is they're productised. A few standard sizes, very few options.
Also the French market has little differentiation between trade and diy outlets - capturing the mass market economies without price loading or quality downgrades.
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