The Safety Valve

The Safety Valve
After thinking it over for a while, I think The Safety Valve has run
its course. Frankly, I'm tired of getting all bent out of shape about
the stupidities of the world, which seem to be getting worse and worse
as time goes by. The last few months it seems every day brings worse
news about the corruption of science, the destruction of society by PC-
think, the complete and utter end of rational political discourse, and
the hydra-like expansion of government powers. International politics
has gone insane. California is heading into the socialist shit pit,
and most of the US seems poised to follow sooner or later. I may
escape temporarily to someplace like Texas, but sooner or later I'll
probably have to head for Belize or the Caymans.
I may start a new blog, possibly next year...but if so, I'll focus on
good news. Cool technology breakthroughs, that sort of thing. To hell
with rubbing my face in all the downer crap that's out there. Yes, I
know--even if you don't go looking for politics, politics will come
looking for you. But I'm going to try crossing the street, at least
for the time being. And if necessary I'll shoot the bastard with my
carry piece. And in the meantime I'll let my friends like Kim and
James and the rest of the gang off to the right in my blog links "gaze
into the abyss."
They're clearly tougher than I am
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