Sticking wash hand basin to worktop.

Hi all
About 3 years ago I siliconed a small china type wash hand basin to the
usual type of kitchen/bathroom worktop the sheds sell.
The silicone has lost its bond to the whb which is now free moving.
The whb has no other way of being fixed.
Do I silicone it again or is there something that would fix it better?
The joint is in direct eyeline from anyone sitting on the loo so don't
want anything too messy.
TIA for any ideas
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Invisible Man
Evo Stick Nail & Seal. B&Q stock it, about £6 a tube.
I've sorted some vary nasty hotel bathroom seal jobs with it.
Doesn't smooth quite as well as silicone, but OK if you don't leave it too long.
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The Medway Handyman

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