Steam Cleaner for carpet etc

Hi all,
am thinking about getting a steam cleaner for carpet and chair fabric
I live in a small flat with a dog, and the carpet does get dirty!
have looked at the Electrolux Z370A
Has anyone used one for carpet and other cleaning?
would it be better to go for a combined Vacuum and steam cleaner?
I know these cost more than double, but they suck up the water whereas
the Electrolux does not as far as I know?
Any ideas
Mick Cant.
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I would not buy such a resource myself - I would instead hire the appropriate tool (e.g. Rug Doctor) from a DIY shed every so often. Those Rug Doctors are quite powerful and having used them in the past they do seem to suck up an enormous amount of shite from a carpet.
You wouldn't need that functionality each time you hoover the carpets, so instead I would suggest thinking about getting a reasonably powerful "normal" vacuum cleaner, and giving the carpets the full treatment once or twice yearly.
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Yes - got two "broken" ones in an auction once (they just needed descaling), one Electrolux and one Polti (Or whosoever the Italian firm that makes the common one is). The Electrolux operated at a lower pressure than the Polti and was really quite useless - it eventually got modified into a wallpaper stripper. The Polti was better and is faintly useful for cleaning tiles. Neither however were any use as general purpose cleaners and steam is unsuitable for fabrics such as velvets with a directional knap. At GBP20 for the pair I think I got reasonable value - they certainly wouldn't be worth any more and I wouldn't buy them new.
Just go for a good quality vacuum cleaner and hire a Rug Doctor type machine every year.
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Peter Parry

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