Carpet Steam cleaner tips

I live in an apartment that has wall-to-wall carpeting in the living room
and bedroom, and I have borrowed a Bissel steam cleaner to give the carpets
a clean.
Does anyone have and advice or tips'n'tricks about steam cleaning carpets
that wouldn't be obvious from reading and the owner's manual?
Jim Helfer
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Jim Helfer
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On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 13:00:34 -0400, "Jim Helfer" wrote:
You may be surprised how much soap and filthy water are picked up using multiple rinses. Keep rinsing until the water looks clean. Have a spare pair (or two) of socks ready. Run fans over the carpet when you are done.
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You might want to add some white vinegar to the rinse water - helps get the soap residue out of the carpet - which means it will stay clean longer.
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In article , says...
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The hotter the water the better. I usually bring some to almost boiling point on the stove and pour it into the resevoir container. You don't want it too hot or it might crack the container and hoses.
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I started on this the other day. Turned out that the last person to use the machine lost the drain plug on the dirty water return, so I was happily dumping the dirty water back onto the carpet.
Oh well, no I have to invent a drain plug.
Jim H
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Jim Helfer
If you are going to buy a cleaner buy a Hover it is a much better machine...I have one and it works just great I couldn't believe how dirty our carpets really where........
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Don Farrow

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