Shower in bedroom ideas?

I'll be fitting a shower shortly in my daughters bedroom.
The enclosure and tray are now sorted, as is drainage.
I'm not sure which type of mixer, and siting of the enclosure yet, and
would like some thoughts on what would be best.
I intend to have it on the wall adjoining the bathroom.
Piping will be taken directly off the bathroom pipes, fed from a combi
The dividing wall is breeze block.
As it is a thin(ish) wall, my first idea was to put an exposed mixer
valve on the wall, with the piping running up from the corner. But this
would not be ideal, with exposed pipework, and extra condensation
forming surfaces.
My next was to get a semi concealed valve, where the feed pipes are
hidden, but this would cause a problem with the breeze block wall, so
I'd be knocking chunks out of the wall to get it to fit, as well as
taking pieces out of the bathrrom wall.
The next thought was put a false wall, for the length of the shower
enclosure, in the bedroom. This would be built on 4"x2" battens, or
similar, then tiled over. The extra 4" (hidden) depth would allow
fitting of a concealed shower mixer. What would be the best material to
put on the surface for this false wall? It will be tiled over
Which option would look to be best?
And what have I overlooked?
Thanks for any thoughts.
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What's on the other side of the wall? Could you run the pipes directly through and deal with them on the other side? In which case I'd suggest a bar mixer valve (cheap, easy to replace with a readily available compatible if it packs up) connected via a couple of 3/4"BSP male * 15mm capillary couplers to short stubs of 15mm Copper pipe running through, and gripfilled or plastered into, holes through the wall to connecting pipework on the other side.
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John Stumbles
Thats the trouble - the other side of the wall is the bathroom, so not really suitable for more pipework going up a wall. I think the 'false' wall behind the shower enclosure will be the neatest option, though if there is ever a leak, it will be a swine to get out, so maybe I'll have to design in a removable panel, that can be accessed by removing 4 tiles or so. Ta Alan.
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Colin Wilson wrote:
No, no problems there, though I hadnt really thought of it before. Just one socket the other side of the room, and a ceiling light in the middle of the room. Ta Alan.
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If you are "boxing in" I would use one of those plywoods with a laminate surface which is made for showers (Aquamura, Mermaid). Easy to make "removable" and more reliable than tiled plasterboard. Also looks nicer and easier to keep clean.
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After seeing the price of such waterproof panels ( ~£170 for 8'x4'), then I think I'll be going the plain ply and white tiled route to keep costs down. Ta Alan.
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