Shower enclosure (660mm x 1200mm) - Desperate pls

I have tried several companies to obtain quotes for a 660mm x 1200mm
shower enclosure. Unfortunately the room has to be that width (660mm)
for the shower tray. I tried to get a few quotes (3) in total and all
are coming up with a cost of =A31000 pounds. I am astonished i cant get
something of this size for a reasonable price.
As a last ditch attempt, can anyone advise alternatives. The
constraint is it must be 660mm width (670 would probably be ok).
Many thanks
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Can you just explain it in a bit more detail... are you saying you already have a tray, and need to buy an enclosure to fit round that? Or have you yet to buy an appropriate tray?
What are the physical constraints in the room - eg an alcove?
What sort of enclosure are you looking at - something with a door and two sides?
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the narrowest preformed tray I've seen is 760mm , and that feels claustrophic. So can we assume you are fitting a tiled floor with drain? From memory I think the return panel of a standard enclosure is held by self tappers , not welded.If this is the case a 1200x760 enclosure frame could be cut down and a new glass of 600-670mm)safety glass bought form a glaziers.
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At its simplest all you need is a 1200 wide door/facing panel and a stud wall on the side.
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John Rumm
Just to clarify it is just a tray i am after. The current tray is 660mm wide x 1200mm. It does not feel too bad with the size it is because of the width.
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