Removing silicon sealant from kitchen sink

When installing a new kitchen sink, I managed to smear some on the
sink and am struggling to remove the mess.
I have removed the thick bits quit easily as you would expect, but
there is some that is very thin and in the pitted surface of the sink.
It is an Astracast sink unit which is made of a sort of resin.
I am concerned about damaging the sink, so anyone got any good methods
of removing the silicon sealant?
I have been using a green scouring cloth which does work, but is
painfully slow at removing the stuff. Must be something better out
Chemicals may damage the sink?
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This came up a few weeks ago actually:
I've no idea whether 'silicon eater' would damage the surface of the plastic but given that most bathtubs are acrylic these days I would have thought not, as baths must be a very common application. It's not great stuff anyway IMHO, but might be worth a go (you could test it out first for 'sink-eating' properties by applying some to the underside of the sink).
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Good idea to try on underside of sink first.
I think I will do this as my fingers are wearing away using a souring pad!
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I think it will work, I've just used it in my shower. Once the bulk has been removed bu scraping the rest softens very well with it, I found it came off quite easily. don't forget to be patient and wait the couple of hours or so.
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