Pushfit dust-pipe

None of my power tools have the same diameter outlet for their dust
extraction systems, and I keep losing the adapators that came with the
dust extractor.
So - I was thinking of fitting each tool with a stub of 32mm pushfit
plumbing pipe and putting a 32mm pushfit socket on the end of the flexi
from the vacuum pipe. OK, so I'll have to do a certain amount of
fiddling to make each stub fit adequately into the tool - heating,
squashing and hot-melt gluing would seem most likely to work. The
advantage being that once the adaptor's in place the socket on the hose
will always fit and if it gets worn I only have to replace one socket -
the stubs are unlikely to get that knackered.
Where a straight stub would be awkward I could use a bent fitting and
cut off the socket end.
The other idea was to use square gutter downpipe plastic for the main
trunk vacuum along the workshop and have access points (can't find them
now, but they were like a bayonet fitting cap - they'll turn up
eventually) to close off unused inlets.
So - can anyone see any pitfalls?
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