Plumbing advice - Rad valves

I'm having a mental block and would appreciate advice. I want to plumb
a rad. with the valve not attached to the radiator but a short distance
away within the pipe run. Is there a type of fitting which will connect
pipe to the tail in the rad., I'm assuming a normal compression fitting
won't work, and similarly to connect the pipe to the valve. I'm
confusing myself now, are both ends of a rad. valve the same?
Thanks for any advice before I go to Wickes.
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Provided the rad valve has 1/2" compression inlet & outlet then you can pipe directly from the valve and connect to the tail with normal compression fitting.
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Heliotrope Smith
1/2" BSP male * 15mm compression fitting. Ideally the male threaded end would be tapered but you're less likely to find that, especially if you want a chromed fitting. You could get away with a 15mm compression coupler without the nut and olive on one end, since that has a 1/2" BSP male thread.
You're unlikely to find a BSP * compression fitting in Wickes, but they should have compression couplers.
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John Stumbles

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