cutting joists for 22mm

I have 22mm from boiler to hallway with the original 15mm going off to rads.
I'm fitting new rads in new positions
WOuld I see any benefit in taking the 22mm up to the rad, then reducing to
15mm up to the rads?
if so, is it ok to notch out the tops of Joists for 22mm ?
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In article , "Vass" writes:
Not for one radiator on a pumped system.
That's to be avoided if possible, although I've seen plenty of bad notching for 15mm which would have allowed a 22 or even 28mm pipe to be fitted :-(
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Andrew Gabriel
well its going to be going from hall to bedroom 1 (3800 Btu) bed 2 (2000 btu) then down to lounge diner (4,900 Btu )
so I've got to notch about 10 joists to get to the wall from the hall
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In article , Andrew Gabriel scribeth thus
And leave a bit of room for it to move or warp something like an old bit of carpet around the pipe otherwise it will tick as it contracts and expands!..
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tony sayer
On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 11:49:19 +0100
If it were me, I'l use a plastic, probably Speedfit, pipe for the 22mm. Then you can thread it through the middle of the joists. But if you've already bought the copper....
I'd also fit 'steels' over the pipes to stop some idiot (i.e. me) drilling or nailing into it!
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Dear Vass The answer to the question depends entirely on the depth of the joists and the location of the notch with respect to the stresses on the beam. A rough and ready indicator is not to notch more than one eight of the depth of the beam and to keep any such notching close to the bearings. Alternatively if you have to go in the middle of the span consider drilling through the neutral axis and joining lots of little bits of pipe together - a pain but structurally much better. Chris
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