Indesit Oven fault

I have an Indesit fan assisted oven which is just short of 5 years old
.It's the kind that fits under the worktop . I have a gas hob above .
A couple of nights ago I switched the oven on and I thought I heard it
make a funny noise shortly after and when i checked it later I found
it wasn't heating .. The grill is working tho'
I can see the grill elements at the top of the oven but (1) where are
the oven elements ..are they hidden behind the panel at the
back......where the fan is or ar they behind the side walls .?
Secondly is it likely to be the oven element... or maybe the
thermostat ...but would that not affect the grill as well.

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Stuart B
On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 10:45:29 GMT, "John" wrote:
Thx for those .just what I needed .Ordered one already . thx again Stuart
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Stuart B

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