PCO / PECO air purifiers

I've had air filters/purifiers in the past and got sick of the
constantly reducing airflow and expensive filters.
I was talking to a supplier some years ago who sold filterless purifiers
that apparently obliterated the dust into almost nothing.
But I never saw it through.
They've come back onto my radar because they claim to 'kill' viruses, so
i'm thinking of getting one for the opticians as part of our wide
ranging efforts to make people (at least feel as if they are) safer
while they are in.
Not a massive issue immediately as we are only allowing people in under
exceptional circumstances, but when we reopen with whatever is the new
normal, i'd like to feel and appear to be doing as much as possible.
So, any opinions/recommendations on PECO air purifiers?
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The so called new normal is blatantly unworkable for society so one hopes it will eventually go back as it was. Remember that if you keep humans in super clean places with nothing for the immune system to work on, bad things tend to happen. I do remember we had a clean air room at one place I worked and most of the dust was removed by a surface at high voltage which was continuously swept into some kind of receptacle, and the filters seemed to last a long time, but then this was a very large room and we are talking three industrial sized units here. The air was also edeionised and was rather like you got at the top of a mountain. Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa)
The inventors of PECO filters say "no air purifier can prevent you from getting a virus" so I'd save your money ...
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Andy Burns
Dyson, having failed to get into the ventilator business, are currently enjoying much TV advertising spending on their air cleaning fan - so that will sell. Get one of those, and high spending customers will judge you as hip and upwardly trendy, and spluge likewise.
Hmmm.. Has someone created one with a UV-C source internally to kill whatever? OTOH given that most household dust is a high concentration of dead skin cells, chances are ye will need some fragrance to prevent the place smelling like a crematorium ...
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Adrian Caspersz
Leeds Uni Refectory? Ah, happy days ... some of the sweatiest, noisiest, most enjoyable gigs of my life were experienced there, in the 80's. I confess I didn't experience the air as being very pure at that time...
Jon N
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