1950s Mural discovered behind pub wallpaper

A bit more exciting than the coal-cellar.
Landlords redecorating their pub discover mural that had been hidden under wallpaper for 50 years.
Andy Harrison and Tom Smith were redecorating the Cock Inn pub when they noticed something hidden under the wallpaper: a stunning mural of lakes, bridges, and wildlife. The painting is signed George Cole, 1953.
'We are definitely planning on the mural. We have been in touch with artists about getting it touched up. It has been covered up for about 50 years and we think it is around 70 years old.'
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No mention of whether the artist was an out-of-work well-known actor :-)
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If the painting is nearly 70 years old the artist must be knocking on a bit if he was a child prodigy, and a lot if he was of drinking age when he painted it.
Noting that it was signed "1953" so it is reputedly 67 years old. Add 18 years and that makes the artist 85.
Pleased for him if he is in good enough health to come and touch it up.
Dave R
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Reminds me of the Nelson Restaurant, Clapham Junction, which had a large mural (or reproduction) of a well known "death of Nelson" painting when I went there in 1969. I went back there in the 80s and it was all done out in white tile, but there was a gap in the tiling showing the mural. I went back in the 90s but it was gone (or covered).
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Max Demian
No, I doubt it and it would be hard to ask now. Also a few years ago a similar thing was found when redecorating an old bus garage site. Makes you wonder why such large works of art are not recorded somewhere. Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa)

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