pat test kit with calibration sticker-does it need certificate?

ive been offered a pat tester, which has a current ca;ibration
sticker, up to sept 08.
however,the guy who is selling it cannot find its certificate-it was
bought from a woman whose husand had died, and she couldnt find a
ive been looking at courses,pat testing seems like a good career,and i
just want to check whether customers will expect to see the
certificate, or will the calibration sticker be enough?
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Most customers won't have a clue.
Those that do might be asking to see *your* certificate, not the meter's.
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All depends on the customer...
If you were thinking of making a living from it you'd be wise to spend the smallish sum and get a current calibration cert for it.
Without the certificate then you can't trace the calibration back to anywhere - and calibration stickers can be purchased very cheaply from the likes of RS
Not sure what the insurance / liability situation is regarding PAT testing - you'd want to make sure that you didn't get held liable for loss of property or life if an item you'd tested could be proved to be / have been unsafe....?
Regards Adrian
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