OT Soundbars with multiple HDMI inputs and one output

Effectively what I would like is a decent soundbar that
also has a built-in HDMI switch, so that I can connect
STB, BluRay player and TV.
At the moment I use a 32 inch IPS monitor connected
directly to my HD FOX T2, but the monitor only has one
HDMI connector and a separate Amptastic mini amp does
the sound.
The sound bar would replace the Amp and computer spkrs
but there is still the problem with multiple HDMI sources.
I don't want a full-on AV amp, they are too big and powerful
for my needs and I don't think I need 5/7/9 channels.
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I assume that you have discounted just fronting it with an HDMI switch which would probably be a more flexible and even cheaper option?
Dave R
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Tell your wallet to open wide ...
But looks like it wouldn't help, the cheap one only has a single HDMI input and the expensive one has no HDMI input, just fibre-optic or ethernet.
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Andy Burns
The usual solution is to have a TV with multiple inputs, and feed the soundbar over ARC on one of the ports, or S/PDIF optical.
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Vir Campestris
In article snipped-for-privacy@mid.individual.net>,
You can buy HDMI switches which come with a remote. Mine has four inputs and two outputs, both of which can be switched independently.
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Dave Plowman (News
The only suitable sound bar with a built in HDMI switch that I have found is the Denon DHT-S716H, but it is £799. Ouch. Lots of functionality like heos multi-room which I won't ever use.
A separate HDMI switch might be what I settle for but they have a huge range in price and reading posts in places like avforums, some are 'temperamental'.
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On 31 Oct 2020 at 13:52:28 GMT, "Andrew" snipped-for-privacy@mybtinternet.com wrote:
Just as a data point I tried a Labgear HDS5 switch (and a second replacement) and it wouldn't work properly with a Freesat box or a Samsung BluRay player. I also I note that you need HDCP 2.2 if you ever want to play commercial 4k disks. Do you know if the Denon copes with this? I think a consequence of HDCP 2.2 is that the sound can only be derived back from the TV, not tapped off en route.
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Roger Hayter
I spent most of an evening getting neighbours sky Q talking to sky soundbar (single HDMI in, single HDMI out)
Only one tv port has HDCP so Q box will only send 4K content to that one, only another tv port has ARC, chromecast ultra in another port (for BT sport in 2K that apparently is only in SD on sky) audio from chromecast into TV over HDMI, TV speakers on zero volume, out of TV on S/PDIF into soundbar, select that with another remote ...
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Andy Burns

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