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You do have a side rack inside your van don't you? They'll be filed under B for bags, rubble. The bloke who did the windows had an impressively tidy van with wooden frame built in for holding everything and everything was neatly in place.
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@nospamblueyonder.co.uk says...
With both my heat guns and my second-best router. Oh, adn the USB lead for the camera before last.
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Rubble sacks have now been bred to have a homing instinct.
If you go back to Wickes, they've probably got a shelf full of them that have found their way back. By selling the homing type it eases their stock control, eleminates the need for re-ordering and increases their profit cos they sell the same bags many times.
What you actually need is a bag reprogramming device so they stay with you and won't go back to Wickes. I can supply one at the very reasonable price of =A349.99 + delivery.
Simple innit.
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Are you a B&Q employee? Are you a B&Q official? Do you have any connection with Kingfisher plc? Are you in any way acting on their behalf?
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Paul Herber
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Maybe SF has pasted them over the logos on the side of your van (as above. :)
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On Jan 9, 2:01=A0pm, Paul Herber wrote:
No, no, no and no.
It's just that I seem to shop there a lot and remembered the Man at C&A ads from the 70s/80s.
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Man at B&Q
Ahh, it's not just me then. Bought a pack of them from Screwfix just before xmas & haven't seen them since.
Apparently there's a planet in a far-distant galaxy populated by various types of rubble-sack life-forms. Near the biro planet. Or so we are told by an enterprising character who, coincidentally, has a thriving business in miscellaneous rubble sacks. :-)
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John Stumbles

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