OK to change electrical sockets in the kitchen ?

is it OK to change the electrical sockets in my kitchen by myself, or
am I storing up loads of Part-P related problems for myself ? Is
there a special procedure I need to go through if I go ahead with
this ? My reason for changing them is they are all very tatty looking
and some of them don't work.
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If it is just swapping one socket for another (say to change aesthetic appearance), then this is allowed as a non notifiable work under part P.
Just change them - no problem
To quote Additional notes section of part P: "b. Replacement, repair and maintenance jobs are generally not notifiable, even if carried out in a kitchen or special location or associated with a special installation."
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John Rumm
You might have problems if the reason for some of them not working is more than cosmetic. Do you know why they don't work?
Why are they tatty? Just very old or does the dog chew them? :)
Some of the houses on my street are being done up to "decent homes standards" which means all the single sockets have been swapped for doubles. Including the one behind the washing machine.
Apparently one of my neighbours is not happy with the gap stuffed with tissue paper and covered in sealant between units. Mind you the boiler outlet at eye level outside is also a suprise! They've not cut the soffits right round the windows apparently so they're doing some sort of bodge on that.They have also replaced lintels, removing the lead and placing a line of slatey tiles in. My other neighbour referred to her new kitchen as "shite for like" and isn't impressed at all.
They have had new roofs though and there are pretty impressive looking bolts holding the hip tiles on. They're recycling old tiles and get £500 a pallet apparently.
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