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I need a new TV for my bedroom.
Wall mounted, HD capable, OK on my existing auxiliary boxes, and with a
freeview program search function.
Able to take a satellite input but not Sky.
Any recommendations?
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Tim Lamb
Do you mean satellite from a box or directly?
If the latter, we have two Toshiba TVs, both of which have a functional satellite input which was not mentioned in the specs given on any shop's website, so I'd recommend actually looking at TVs in a shop (Currys, Richer Sounds or wherever) and see what each TV actually has.
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Steve Walker
In article ,
Do Sky boxes use a unique connector other satellite boxes don't?
You may have to check it has the correct inputs for your older boxes - like SCART or components. And if it has a suitable audio out, if needed.
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Dave Plowman (News)
I have a Panasonic. Takes terrestrial/Freeview, Freesat, SV, video/sound plugs, HDMI and can be used as computer screen Sockets front and back, also SD card socket Everything can be controlled using the remote.
Excellent picture, plasma, but uses more electricity than LED screen.
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In message , Davey writes
I think the space available only really stretches to 32" (why are TVs sized in inches?)
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Tim Lamb
In message , "Dave Plowman (News)" writes
Pass. I don't mind paying for a dish installation but don't want an ongoing cost. We are halfway between Crystal Palace and Sandy:-( I don't watch much sport anyway.
I think my ancient Toppy may be scart only. Remote earphones would be handy.
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Tim Lamb
I think that you should look at a samsung. I prefer their user interface
Not sure what a program search feature is....
Currys aint a bad place to buy. Therey do take back faulty ones
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The Natural Philosopher
So Freesat or an expired Sky account (that I believe defaults to the Freesat channels or somesuch).
Well, if any TV still had analogue I'm wondering if the Toppy had a UHF output (rather than just pass through) so you could make use of the analogue facility for that. ;-)
Daughter learned you get that on Playstation (or Xbox, probably both) the other day (headphones plug into the wireless controller), handy when one person wants to watch TV (through the console) whilst the other is doing school / OU homework. ;-)
I assume you are asking about as Freesat TV to minimise the clutter?
I think you can get stand-alone Freesat systems (box and dish) pretty cheaply now and you won't have to replace the TV if something goes bang or changes spec in the future.
The only thing against a separate box, especially if the TV is wall mounted (and you have a fussy partner ) is having to have the box in some sort of cabinet or on a shelf under the TV (and getting an HDMI cable up to it, although I have done it in suitably sized twin trunking (one side for mains, the other side for everything else)). That said, I have seen installations were all sorts of kit is just stuck behind the TV?
On a mild /
windless day I'm happy to assist with a d-i-y sat installation (I did about 10 Maspro systems soon after the Freesat service became available for friends and family and it's probably much easier now). I think the key (depending on distance between dish and TV) is getting a good quality coax (copper / copper and probably foil covered (CT100 (or WF100 if you don't seal the joints properly)). ;-)
As long as you can get a clear view of the sky at ~19E of S and up at about 28 degrees you should be good to go. My 90cm dish was on a tripod stand at the bottom of the garden and fed to a box at the front of the house and worked fine. [1] ;-)
This could be of interest /
formatting link

Cheers, T i m
[1] It would affect the picture if I walked in front of the dish but if it was me then I wasn't watching the TV so didn't care. ;-)
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T i m
In message , T i m writes
Correction. The handbook mentions HDMI although it is currently connected by scart.
More to improve signal strength. Moving across from the farmhouse has had a significant impact on signal from CP.
Not a problem. Now I have a *man cave* it can stand on the filing cabinet.
I could screw it to the wall and leave you to play with the signal strength meter. (I actually had you penciled in for an attempted W7-W10 upgrade. Microsoft have stopped nagging but I am now getting the same message from Barclays Bank!)
I think the satellite is tree free from our South gable wall. Clear run through the loft and then down the North wall to the office.
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Tim Lamb
In article , Tim Lamb writes
Note Samsung interconnection facility is not available on their 32" model. (Well it wasn't when I bought mine).
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We have a Medion one from Aldi in the study which I?m quite impressed with. It has several ?smart? features- you can load up the various iPlayer type apps for BBC, ITV, CH4, UKTV etc. Also watch YouTube. It can access files ( video, music, photos) on your local network. No scart input but several HDMI and a VGA. Aldi have some on offer from Thursday. Oh yes, 3 year warranty.
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Brian Reay
Because, traditionally, TVs were all 4:3 aspect ratio and a single, diagonal measurement was sufficient to describe the size.
These days 16:9 has taken over, but again the vast majority are of that aspect ratio and so a single measurement is enough.
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Steve Walker
Buy a 55" IPS-screen type and install it portrait.
With the right smarts (Picture in Picture) you could display two TV programmes stacked.
Or display Facebook video, native-like.
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Adrian Caspersz

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