Hoover Dishwasher - anyone any experience?

My Hoover DF967 has started to leak over on the right hand side.
I have taken the top off as a previous leak had been due to the spray arm
feed in the roof of the machine leaking.
Just doing a load before I up-end it - when I tilted it to look under I
couldn't see any obvious staining so, any ideas? The salt container is on
that side - currently it is empty as I am using these 5 in 1 tablets. Could
this make leaks more likely?
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Follow up - I have taken the side off and water is leaking from one of 3 "O" rings where the salt tank connects to a sort of manifold at the side. I am hoping a clean and maybe a new "O" ring will fix it. Hopefully the clear plastic moulding hasn't cracked.
Question remains - has running without salt caused it to find a leak?
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Been here before. Yes, I expect a clean-up and re-assembly will work ok for a while at least.
At my work, we use similar o-ring seals on similar couplings, only they are generally made of titanium. These are good for 20,000 psi, and 400 deg F, and pretty much never fail.
Yet I have seen these kind of o-ring seals fail on cheap plastic domestic equipment at pitiful pressures / temps. Inspection shows no obvious problem ( cracks, scratches on the o-ring seat, damage to the o-ring itself, etc. ). These are typically static seals ( the parts are not moving ), not dynamic seals. There's no reason for them to leak. But they do. I can only put it down to poor manufacturing tollerances combined with distortion ( probably thermal ) of the plastic parts, pushing the dimensions beyond the elastomer's limit. Dis-assembly, clean-up, lube, re-assembly may help in the short term, but if the problem is what I suspect, it may be short-lived.
Try the clean-up and re-assembly. When that fails, replace the o-ring. When that fails, bodge with sealants. When that fails, bodge in any other way that comes to mind. When that fails, replace the parts or machine, depending on costs.
> Question remains - has running without salt caused it to find a leak? Unlikely, IMHO.
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Ron Lowe
Thanks - spares seem pricey. Hopeful of a local replacement at engineering supplies - but the section seems a bit unusual.
Annoyed that they seem a good fit and have a good finish - yet they leak. Could lack of salt cause more pressure?
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