Doors of a possible odd size.

Looking to replace a few of our doors. The previous owners somewhere down
the line have fitted doors of a much smaller size than the original ones
(prolly cos they came up against the same problems as us), but we want to
take them back to as close to original as possible.
We live in a victorian flat, which seems to mean we seem to have doors of a
very odd size. The biggest we're looking to buy is 83" x 34".
Any idea if it's possible to buy something of that size off the shelf? The
nearest we've got so far is 78" x 34" so we'd have to have the door
extended on the vertical. The joiner doing the work for us is happy to make
this extension and has suggested adding a metal kick plate to the bottom to
hide it (prolly brass to keep with the original feel of the house), but
obviously it'd be much better if we could simply buy doors of the correct
size to begin with.
Thanks in advance,
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The Great Poobarr
Are you after replacing them with original-styled doors? eBay is usually awash with old four-panelled pine doors in all sorts of sizes, often stripped out by people who have "modernised" their houses, or fallen foul of the new regs on loft conversions. Worth looking, under Architectural Antiques. They're often very cheap, or don't sell at all.
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