Resiting gas pipe earth connection

Currently my gas pipe runs along the outside wall, from the external meter
to where it enters the kitchen (about a 4m run). The pipe is earth-bonded
inside the kitchen near where it passes through the wall.
I'm thinking of installing a (natural gas) CH boiler in the kitchen (the
house has an old propane cylinder based system).
The new boiler's position means that its gas supply would need to be 'Teed'
off the external pipe about half way along.
As I understand them, the regs say that earth bonding to the gas pipe must
be where the pipe enters the house (for an external meter) and before any
pipework branches.
So, my question is will I have to redo the earth bonding - replacing a
perfectly good one for one that connects to just before the new 'T' in the
gas pipe?
If the answer is 'yes', this means the connection will need to be on the
outside of the pipe (before the T); I don't like the idea unless proper
weather proof connection boxes are available - are they?
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In order for common sense to operate here we have one of those cases where the regs are no 100% clear. This matter is open to interpretation: However the existing (main) earth bonding is in order (where the pipe enter the house). You will of course be temporarily bridging the earth on the supply pipe when you cut through it to make the T for the new boiler.
Why not interpret the regs as "... before any (internal) branches ... "?
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Ed Sirett
You frequently see the main earht bond taken right into the meter cabinet, and connected to the consumers pipe just after the meter. That way it is "inside" of sorts.
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John Rumm

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