Desk edging and coating (design ideas?)

I built a couple of desks a couple of years ago, for our "toy-room"
where me and the missus play on computers day-in, day-out. The desks are
designed to fit wall-to-wall, as two components - left desk, right desk,
one the mirror image of the other; Cut originally from a 8'x4' 15mm
block-board, with sufficient bracing underneath (battens over the major
surface). The presentation is a curved cut out, approximate radius =
80cm in one corner. Rough ASCII art...
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| __--------------------
| /
| /
| |
| |
Total depth is original board size (4', or metric equivalent) and the
"narrow" depth is cut down to about 90cm. You may have gathered that we
like largish desks :)
Now, the original finish to the desks was a little "experimental", and
I'm looking now to make good on this with a better more presentable
Original used self-adhesive vinyl floor strips, similar in size to
laminate floor panels, bought from B&Q. These made a fairly presentable
wood-effect finish (think I bought the Cherry effect), but suffer from
not being able to be placed butt-up - my best joins must be around
0.25mm but that's visible when your eyes are only a couple of feet away.
So, I'm looking for a replacement covering that covers a larger area.
Consider the use - persistent use on a desk top, needs to survive hot
mugs and spilt red wine. Occasional abuse as I stand on desks (for
whatever reason), and heavy monitors being slid about, keyboards etc.
I have been thinking of the self-adhesive rolls of laminate effect
coatings that B&Q and like sell for rejuvenating kitchen unit doors,
etc. But these are rather narrower than the desks, and so would also
require careful jointing to avoid an obvious seam running the length of
each desk. Alternatively, an online supplier might be able to provide
this in a sufficient width to cover the desk surface in a single run -
much preferred, but I'm struggling to come up with a google search that
returns the appropriate products.
The next problem is with edging this. The block-board was chosen for its
strength and stability - the problem with the edging of it was a
consideration after the purchase. I've tried to use, to date, softwood
"D" section beading, but always struggle to find beading of the right
size. At the moment the problem is exacerbated by the use of the surface
coat adding another 1-2mm, so that problem *may* go away. I've been
trying with only limited success to find a supplier of flexible plastic
or rubber "extrusion"? to edge the desks with.
The problem that I anticipate, though, is that if I use a thin
self-adhesive coating, then how do I avoid this lifting at the working
edges of the desks?, I could roll it over onto the edging area, but then
this would compromise any bonding of the edging strip to the block-board
edge; I could roll it over the edge and onto the lower surface as the
complete solution to edging, as well - but I don't think I'd get away
with the radius cut into the desk. If I don't roll the coating at all I
can imagine it wearing / lifting with the amount that we use the desks.
The ideal solution that I can imagine is an edging strip with a slight
lip that can sit over the top edge of the desk, which if sufficiently
flexible would accomodate the radius cut into the surface. Again,
though, I'm struggling to find an appropriate google, and the few
relevant returns appear to be more industrial in application.
Any suggestions?, in the course of typing the above I've pondered a
hard-wearing matt paint solution, but can't imagine anything
sufficiently hard-wearing that wouldn't show our greasy/sweaty marks
from arms and wrists on the table. Would solve the issue of edging the
desks, though, as I could fill the block-board edge with wood filler,
get a smooth edge and paint the whole lot. Any suitable products that
people could recommend?
Pondered briefly a vinyl floor covering - don't believe anything would
be suitable, although a trip to a showroom might change my mind. Would
still leave the edging problem.
Any pointers to a supplier of furniture style extrusion or beading?, I
know the type of thing that I'm looking for, but can't explain it to
Cost is not a major constraining factor, but considering the surface
area to be covered I need to be confident about the solution before
ordering expensive quantities.
Any ideas / advice welcomed (hmmm, just tripped over
formatting link
which looks interesting, at least)
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Mike Dodd
Couple of ideas you could consider...
How about an epoxy based paint for the surface of the desk? Maybe skin the desk with a layer of hardboard/thin mdf first to get a smooth base.
A router with a laminate cutting bit will be useful to help you trim any beading flush with the desk surface. That way you don't beading precisely the same thickness as your desk.
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Van Helsing
3mm Birch ply wouldn't need joints, and a floor varnish would give you a wipe down finish. If you have access to a sawbench, you could cut 2mm thick strips of timber for the edges, or even take the veneer off your blockboard offcuts (if you have any).
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Stuart Noble
Linoleum. It's used for counters in a lot of banks etc, you can get it (laser?) cut with inlays in multiple colours etc. You should be able to get desk-sized offcuts from commercial flooring fitters.
You could run it over a profiled edge of the desk, but as you say your radiused cutout may probe an obstacle here.
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More linoleum. glue it down well and trim the top edge/join to a 45deg bevel.
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