cuprofit (or other) pushfit near boiler?

I know you can't use plastic pipe within a metre or so of a boiler but
what about push fit fittings? Screwfix sell "cuprofit" push fit
fittings which are mostly metal but there is an O-ring inside. It says
it is ok for heating and hot water but doesn't specify whether they
can be used right next to the boiler.
I'm redoing the pipe work. There's a pipe coming up from the floor
that I am disconnecting from the boiler. Ideally I would remove the
pipe but (i) the builders kindly put the pipe in a concrete floor and
(ii) I can't get into the corner because the boiler is in the way! I
wanted to put a stop end on it but I'm not sure I could fit a spanner
in the gap.
What would you do? Do I need to practice soldering? Will a stop end be
ok or will it trap air in the pipe?
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In article ,
Look at the price of end feed fittings compared to push fit and draw your own conclusions. Unless you never intend doing anymore plumbing.
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Dave Plowman (News)
In article , Fred writes
If the connection is still part of the boiler flow or return pipework and is within 1m then I would say no as Cuprofit has a max temperature rating of 95degC which is not enough to guarantee it as sound under boiler fault conditions.
However, it actually sounds like this pipe will no longer in the circuit, can you elaborate pls. If the connection is not really that close to the boiler (say 800mm) or is a stub on a T then you may get a different answer.
On the stop end and air situation, if the stub is short the air will almost certainly dissolve in the hot water and be deposited elsewhere in the system as it cools, making it available for bleeding so no, not a problem.
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Thank you. That's what I had thought.
You are quite correct. This pipe used to be connected to the CH output on the boiler, however due to moving the pump and adding valves it is no longer connected to the boiler. The pipe runs in the concrete floor under the boiler, which is why I cannot remove it completely. The pipe surfaces on the other side of the boiler where there is a tee and this is where I am making the boiler connection. I guess if you add the buried section, there is some distance between the stop end and the boiler output.
However to be safe, I have managed through some contortion, to reach into the corner and at last, fasten a compression stop end. I only hope it doesn't weep!
I never knew that. I thought it would be impractical to bleed all the stop ends in a system but never knew what happened. Out of interest, what happens if its a cold pipe?
Thanks again.
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