Durst or other water faucets

Are Durst single lever kitchen faucets any good?
What I need is halfprice at a going out of business sale, but I'm thinking i might be better off paying 4 times the money, 50 dollars, and getting Delta**.
OTOH, I'm annoyed at Delta, because A) I have replaced every replacable part in mine more than once, including the ball, and it won't stop dripping, very fast, maybe so fast I should call it "running". Now it won't even stop spraying out the side when it's on. I called or wrote Delta a while back and they sent me a free replacement part kit, but it didn't help. Looking inside I see no damage. How is it possible that it won't stop running?
annoyed because B) they call them washerless faucets as if they don't have replaceable rubber parts, but they still do. I shouldn't need a lawyer to deal with a plumbing company's terminology.
**I like Delta because I'm a duck who likes whatever he started with first, and because I like the handle, and the way the valve doesn't move up and down, like one other brand. Could I use my old Delta handle with some other brand?
P.S. Does anyone really use the sprayer? I'd like to get a fancier one for the same trouble, but I don't think I really have a use for a pullout faucet or a sprayer.
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