Completely OT - Joke for Andy Hall

Andy Carr is not funny. I know funny. Is that joke funny? Can you explain where the funny is please? I need this non-funny type of funny explained to me.
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Doctor Drivel
In message , Doctor Drivel writes
Funny is you flooding a house because you can't cut a pipe properly
It's UK.d-i-y's all time favourite
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Lidl is very noticably - at least where I am - different from Morrisons/Asda/... in terms of the look of the customers.
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Ian Stirling
I wouldn't go to Asda for anything but occasionally force myself to go to Morrison's. Mostly we shop (when we do) at Waitrose but we go to Lidl and Aldi when they have hardware offers. From what I've seen of customers I'd much rather go to L & A than Morrison's.
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Mary Fisher
Blimey !!!! No wonder you're trying to save money through Solar panels and stuff !
I can get 2 bags of shopping for £30 in Waitrose and at least 6 or 8 bags of the same items from Asda !
More money than sense.
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In article ,
It will depend on the area you live in. Chavs ain't going to travel far just for a supermarket.
Personally I don't much care what type of person uses any supermarket - I go there to buy the goods I want at the price I'm willing to pay - not to meet people. And as such don't tend to hang around long enough to notice the social classes.
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Dave Plowman (News)
On Nov 20, 10:24 am, "Dave Plowman (News)" wrote:
Agreed. Brand X is Brand X, whether you buy it from Waitrose or Asda.
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Man at B&Q
This is the sign of a nose slightly turned up. What makes you think Asda does not stock the same brands as Waitrose only cheaper?
ps you shop to buy food not to eye up what the customers have hanging out there clothes.
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The Waitrose vegetable display is a work of art. Everything looks wonderful and invariably tastes of nothing. It seems to be what today's "discerning" shopper wants.
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Stuart Noble
George ("George" ) gurgled happily, sounding much like they were saying:
Where brands are the same, the prices are similar, IME.
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The poster you replied to seems to be judging others by his own criteria :-)
There are other reasons for choosing Waitrose above rivals, price isn't an issue. The last thing we'd economise on is food.
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Mary Fisher
Indeed, we used to do a weekly online shop from Tesco, and changed to Waitrose (Occado). Can't say I have noticed any particular difference in the bills.
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John Rumm

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