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Wife's sister and their mum arriving on monday afternoon for a few days.
Decided to test a previously unused rad in the bedroom I am decorating for
Rad requires bleeding and takes too long.
So I check the weater pressure and its near zero. I start to refill when
22mm speedfit pipe unhinges itself from the brass stop valve. The valve
more than the 3ft from the combi.
Not too much water spilt as I was quickly into valve shutting mode.
So I refit with a new olive.
I checked the speedfit site and I now realise that I had forgotten the pipe
insert during the
initial installation.
I checked wickes web site and they sell speedfit but don't seem to have
speedfit pipe inserts.
They have other pipe are all/most pipe inserts generically
Assuming that refitting the speedfit with pipe inserts will fix the problem
that is 'visible to me' Anything else I need to know?
PS I turned off the water to the rads so we have hot water.
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Pipe inserts are not compatible between brands.
You will need to buy the Speedfit ones or replace the complete fitting.
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Andy Hall
There are _two_ variants of pipe inserts; the 'normal' style and the 'Super Seal' type.
The 'normal inserts are 'just' a piece of plastic sleeve that fits into and stiffens the pipe and with a flange that's the diameter of the pipe: the 'Super Seal type have two O rings; a small one on the insert and a larger one at the flange. {BTW, they're available in 15 mm; 22 mm and AFAIK 28 mm sizing].
IMHO, the 'Super Seal' type is the style to use. There's only buttons in the cost for what you're trying to do, so go for it. { I buy mine in bags of 25 for 22mm and 50 for 15 mm from Plumb Center(sic)].
Ensure that the plastic pipe is cut off square and that there's no visible gap between the pipe's 'shoulder' and the insert's flange ~ this is very easy to 'see' with the black 'Super Seal' O Ring rather more difficult to 'see' with a normal flange white against pipe white.
Oh, whatever anyone tells you ;- do not , I repeat do not, use a hacksaw to cut the plastic pipe ! [The actual cutter isn't too expensive . I use a 'Rothenberger' ~ "All the plumbers use this one", said the yoof at the trade-counter, I haven't compared it to anything else -but it works for me
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Brian Sharrock
In message , Arthur2 writes
We shall rename it after you ...
and the operation is called "Doing a Drivel" BTW
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