cistern assembly

The instructions for assembling this low level cistern don't seem to
tell you what to do with the 2 rubber washers on the flush outlet and
float valve entry (they're the same size as the plastic nuts). I really
just need to know whether they go inside the cistern casing or outside.
Here's the diagram
formatting link
for any advice
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Stuart Noble
Everyone I've ever fitted (and its a lot) has them inside.
Smear LS-X liberally around the plastic flanges, then fit washers, then smear LS-X on washer. If you can leave it an hour before adding water do so, if not don't worry.
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The Medway Handyman
Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. I wonder if either of you knows why the overflow blanking plate has to have the threaded bit on the outside. Would be neater the other way round
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Stuart Noble
(toilet cistern fitting)
The only ones I've fitted have either a chrome or white head, which goes on the outside, with the threaded bit on the inside. They usually come with cisterns that can be either right or left handed - to fill the extra hole. Alan.
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