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> I'm moving my home office and phone from one room to another, and have
> bought a wall socket, and an extension lead from Homebase. The wall socket
> has 4 terminals marked blue with white stripe, white with blue stripe,
> orange with white stripe, and white with orange stripe.
> The extension has 4 wires, red, blue, green and white.
> Can someone tell me which colours go where?
Always cut the RED wire BEFORE the black one!
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NO Create some audience suspense by appearing to comply with the given instructions, then at the last minute snip them in the opposite order. Always worked in "Danger UXB"
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This might also be of use if you come across old BT wiring - but won't probably help with some shed bought flexible extension cables.
*************************************************************************** Here are the standard colours of cable, flex and their terminals.
Old Terminal Current Cord Function Cable Cable
1 Green/white Orange Spare Blue 2 Blue/white Red B wire (Line) -50v Brown 3 Orange/white Blue Shunt wire. (Bell) Green 4 White/orange Green Local earth (Not usually used) Orange 5 White/blue White A wire (Line) 0v 6 White/green Black Spare
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