High level toilet cistern.

So the new one arrived yesterday. Bought from Screwfix, but not a stock
item so delivered from the factory (or whatever). It looks the part, so
think I'll be very happy with it.
Doorbell rings. Delivery driver had parked his big truck at the end of the
road - closest he could get.
Unloads a pallet using a small forklift. Dumps it in the street and
suggests I remove the bits from the pallet. And goes back to his truck.
Got a knife to cut off the wrapping. Two boxes - the cistern in one, pipes
and fitting kit in the other. The cistern not heavy enough to cause me a
problem lifting it - even at my ripe old age. I assume it was on a pallet
to prevent damage. Truck still parked up.
Once I'd got the bits indoors, the driver comes back. I assumed to pick up
the pallet. No. He wanted to take a pic of the boxes now indoors, as proof
of delivery. Only after that did he say he wasn't going to take the pallet
away. No room in the truck, he said. That sort of stupid excuse didn't go
down well here...
Left the pallet on the pavement leaning up against the garden wall.
Intention was to cut it up today, small enough to go in the car and take
to the tip. A real PITA.
It was gone this morning. ;-)
They obviously have some value. Last time I had something delivered on a
pallet there was a surcharge if they didn't get it back.
Delivery via Screwfix was included in the price, which is what surprised
me about the driver not taking it away.
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