Carpet grippers and underlay fitting help

The carpet fitter is coming tomorrow, and before that I need to fit the
above that I just bought.
As I have never done it before my questions are:
- How far from the skirting should the wooden gripper rods be fitted? The
new carpet goes in two rooms - one with "normal" skirting and the other with
skirting that was fixed around 3/4" above the floor (not sure why, was there
when I got it), so I fixed a quarter round/circle bidding to the bottom of
it to cover the void. Should the rooms be treated differently as a result -
i.e. should I fit the grippers further or closer to the skirting?
- Can I assume that once the gripper rods are in place I simply unroll the
underlay in the space in the middle, butting it against the rods? Also,
stupid question, I know, but which side goes up? The underlay I use is
similar to this one
formatting link
Does the underlay need to be fixed to the wooed floor once laid? i.e.
carpet tacks, etc.
Many thanks in advance.
PS: the carpet is a cheapish felt back one if that makes a difference.
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On Wed, 01 Mar 2006 14:47:21 +0000, Richard Conway wrote:
Fix the underlay using a stapler .Carpet Fitters use one thats a bit like a small hammer and they just go round hitting it on to the undelay and the staples go through to the floor . a Why isn't your carpet fitter doing all this anyway .??? As for the quadrant ..I would think this should be removed ....No.???
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The same distance as the thickness of the carpet.
Perhaps the floor's dropped.
That's not going to work terribly well. You would have done better to re-do the skirtings, or fill the gap with batten.
Yup. You don't want big gaps, but you don't want to have to ruckle the stuff up to get it in, it should lie flat.
You could put some staples in, and tape the joins, but this is something the fitter can do very quickly. If you do put tacks in, make sure they're "home" or you'll get pimples in your carpet. I'd just leave it up to the fitter.
These are often glued straight to the floor (around the edges)! It's reasonable carpet for the price, should be fine with the underlay as well.
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Chris Bacon
So very very close to the skirting then - just a few millimetres away?
Not in this case, as it runs around the whole room.
I suspected that, but the only reason I did this was because it was already half done using quarter circle, especially around the problematic areas - i.e. bay window, and a few other odd angles that I did not fancy replacing.
Are you sure? My gut feeling was the other way round (good point I asked first...).
All the carpets I had in the past were glued, but considering the state of the floorboards in these rooms I didn't think that the glue was going to work. In the past the fitter ended up using a few staples in the places were the glue did not catch, and it looked awful... Hence the grippers/underlay this time.
Will the felt-baked carpet be OK with the grippers? Someone above suggested otherwise...
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In article , says...
Smooth side up.
Look here:
formatting link
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AFAIR felt-backed carpet is about 7mm thick.
Should be easier to fix (if you do)! No idea why the skirting's that high, unless someone's laid a floor covering and put the skirting on it.
Another option would be to remove your quadrant, lay the carpet, then re-fit the quadrant (oot too tight to the carpet). This would be a bit of a bodge, but would look better than butting carpet up to quadrant.
You should find "this side up" printed on the underlay or a picture on the bag, if you're not sure.
It's OK. If you really want to do a job, you could use spray glue *as well*! As you're having it laid the fitter will advise.
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Chris Bacon
He'd be happy to do that, but will charge me as I was informed by the carpt shop. Seemsilly to pay for what apears to be an easy job (if you know what to do - hnce my quoestions).
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Well, there were in fact 1 underlay + 3 carpets, one on top of the other in that room when I bought the place... and this one was the room in the best condition...
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