Burglar alarm

There's a burglar alarm in our new house but the previous people say
they never used it (it was fitted by the family before them) and they
never kept the instructions.
The PCB says Texecom but other than that it's in a plain white box and
could be anybody's.
Since they were here for nine or ten years, it must be at least that
old. Has alarm technology improved much in 10 years? Can I keep it and
use it or should I bin it and buy a new one?
There's a six core cable coming from the bell box. Do alarm fitters
follow a standard for cable colours? It would be nice to power the LED
and run it as a dummy box.
I presume one cable pair is an anti-tamper loop? One pair controls the
bell and the other powers the battery in the box (assuming it has one
- and perhaps, by now, its dead)?
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Have a look on their web site for further info. Should you need a manual that needs you to register email me and I will send it to you.
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You can certainly keep the cables and a new panel is not expensive. If you have no code then it may be impossible to use it.
No standard, a look in the control panel will tell you what colours the installer used.
Usually they are, +12v, 0v, tamper, bell and strobe
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Hi Probably an earlly Veritas 6 or 8 still good today easy to reset to. As Adam pointed out the manual is on texacom webside in PDF format.
As for technology Yes it's come on in leaps and bounds but For the better?? who knows The veritas range is still going strong and we fit at least 4 a month. If you get stuck repost and I can email you the user man's.
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"ARWadworth" wrote
I am also looking at the Texecom range after recommendation from this group, but cannot access the installation manuals - have emailed their support desk and got no response. Would appreciate it if you could email the installation and software manuals on the Veritas R8 Plus and the Veritas Remote Keypad. email is pscull - at - europacrown - dot - com.
Thanks in anticipation
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