BS6891-2005 8.16.2 Gas Regs + Conduit Box + FP200/Firetuf

I have a 20mm conduit box (b/inlet, side-outlet, BESA).
Quite close to a gas pipe, neither box nor pipe can be moved.
I would prefer not using 20mm conduit.
I would use galvanised conduit box (threaded), gland & FP200.
In this instance I can not use a metal box re relevent gas regs:
BS6891-2005 8.16.2
Separation of installation pipework from other services.
Where installation pipes are NOT SEPARATED BY
they shall be spaced as follows:
a) at least 150 mm away from electricity meters and
associated excess current controls, electrical SWITCHES
or SOCKETS, distribution boards or consumer units;
b) at least 25mm away from electricity supply and
An alternative is modifying an insulated box...
o Saw off the side-outlet flat to the box side
o Tap to M20x1.5mm, fit gland & back nut
formatting link
have used a black nut to emphasise in the photo.
It meets "separated by electrical insulated material" for gas,
but does it meet electrical regs & eg - "industry practice"?
Re bend radius, FP200 cable is cut down to singles on entry.
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Dorothy Bradbury
That's OK, yes. In fact, you could have bought the bits to do it. You just need a plastic besa box with side and back entry (e.g. Marshall Tufflex 2MRB7), a female adapter MAB2, a short length of 20mm dia conduit and solvent weld adhesive. The stuffing gland would then screw directly into the adapter (i.e. without the nut).
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