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We are having our downstairs study converted into a bathroom via a council
grant for the disabled. Consequently we are going to have less storage room
but will no longer need the current downstairs loo.
The current plan is to remove, and cap off, the fittings in the loo and
shelve the room out. Whilst this is a job that I think I can do the
embuggerance factor would be greatly decreased if I get the plumbers who are
fitting the new bathroom to do it. How much would a reasonable estimate for
this sort of job be? We're in Sheffield.
Of course the actual figure is not really an issue as if it's too high
(SWMBO gets to decide what this amount is) I'll have to have a quick course
in DIY un-plumbing.
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Mark Spice
Turn off stop cock, cut through feed pipe to toilet, then either put a tap, or a stop end in it, 20 minutes. Removing toilet - 20 minutes. Cut through cast iron soil pipe, or hammer away at clay pipe - another 20 mins. Mix up mortar mix, and fill soil pipe - 10 mins. Clean up - another 10 mins. So that'd be 1.5 hours max to take out the toilet and cement over the soil pipe. Cost of materials, less than £5. £50 would be cheap. £75 reasonable.£100 just a little too much in my view.
Fitting it out - all depends. 3 shelves would be a hour or so. Personally, I'd give it a good lick of paint before putting new shelves up. So fitting it out could be anything for £50 to £100. I'd reckon on £120 to do the lot if I was doing it - it could easily be done in 6 hours. Alan.
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In message , Mark Spice writes
Remember that all the work should zero rated for vat, if for a person with a disability. Just supply the plumber with a declaration of disability.
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It's less than half an hours work for 1 bod if you don't mind the capped -off ends of the pipes (cut right back maybe) remaining exposed in the room. If it's exclusively for storage maybe that's acceptable.
Why not offer the bathroom fitters a few beer tokens to de-install the toilet and haul away the rubbish.
The shelving will be something else. Maybe there will be a joiner in the team that will do it for you, but there are DIY alternatives starting with cheap bookcase / shelving units from IKEA that are not really challenging.
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Derek Geldard
For those that are interested the quote came back today at £80 to remove the plumbing. As the 'Can't be Arsed Fairy' has been flapping it's wings around me I suspect I shall probably get them to do it for me.
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Mark Spice

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