Bosch washing machine fault Code F05

A Happy New Year everybody.
Bosch washing machine WFP 3231 fault Code F05.
Our washing machine started displaying this fault code today every
time a wash program is started.
The users manual only mentions F01 & F03. :-(
It goes through filling and ultimately draining cycles, but the drum
doesn't move at all, so it might indicate power has been applied to
the drum motor but it hasn't moved.
If anybody has access to better documentation than they give to the
purchasers when they buy their products I'd appreciate a hint.
TNX. in advance.
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Derek Geldard
F05 is a motor problem. Check all the connections to the motor and try removing and reinserting or replacing the brushes.
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I've got the same problem right now with a Bosch WFX2867GB/09 but with no error codes.
The normal problems are belt snapped or fell off or stretched too much and is slipping. Can you hear the motor going round or not ??
In my case I have plumped for new brushes. Just bought some off a local spares man, who said they were original Bosch manufacture, only to find that they were made by Unifit. Needless to say the electrical connection to the copper braid of the brush has just snapped/fell off. Got to get some more to replace the faulty new ones ??? now.
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