water dripping from a Daikin split-unit airconditioner

I've had water dripping out of the front of my air-conditioner. I
assumed that there must be some sort of blockage in the outlet pipe
and established this by blowing through the pipe from outside, a mass
of dirty water appeared inside and there was resistance suggesting an
insect or similar has caused a blockage.
So, I need to clear it from the inside. I can't find a manual showing
how to dissassemble the unit.
Has anybody done this? I'd hope that it should be easy enough to just
clean out the pipe, but, if I'm going to have the entire thing in bits
at my feet before I get to the pipe then I might call out an engineer
Any advice?
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Peter Brooks
Try sticking a wet and dry vacuum on the outside end of the condensation drain - that might do the trick without any disassembly.
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There may be a mixture of dead flies, bacterial gunk and other nasties, especially if the drain route is convoluted or long.
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