Anglian Door Latch Mechanism

The return spring has failed on the latch mechanism on an Anglian
supplied uPVC double glazed door. To get at the latch mechanism I have
to remove the door handles and the square section rod which passes
through the latch mechanism. The problem is I cannot see how the door
handles are removed. The handle face plates have no screws they are
plain aluminium with no penetrations. The face plates have black
plastic end stops at either end. I have tried to remove these but I can
only get them to move 2 or 3mm. They are very tight and it feels like
if I move them further I will damage them.
Has anyone got any suggestions on what I need to do to remove these handles?
Many thanks for any replies.
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Is there an allen head grub screw on the handle that grips the spindle? If so, slacken it and prise the handle plate off the door. Let us know how you get on whatever method you use, the info might be handy for others.
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There is a very small hole (approx 2mm dia) which may contain a grub screw. I thought it was a roll pin. This door is at my fathers house so I will have a look at it next weekend when we visit.
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An update. I have now managed to find out how to remove the handles. The cover plate clips into place and I removed it using a thin blade, working it in one end. Behind this cover plate is a backing plate which is screwed to the door frame.
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