Double glazed door failed spring in latch

I have a double glazed door where the latch mechanism no longer springs
out when the door is closed. so door is not held in closed position.
The dead bolt and the rest of the lock mechanism work fine. I have been
quoted about £90 for a replacement lock mechanism. This seems a lot
when the only thing that has failed is the return spring behind the latch.
Are lock mechanisms in double glazed doors easy to take apart? Is this
a viable way to fix the lock? Any views or comments welcome.
Thanks in advance
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Your quote for replacement is about right. The only way to repair it yourself is to try! however you may find that the lock body is rivetted rather than screwed together. The innards of a lot of these locks seem to be made of alloys some of which are easily mashed so it may be more than just a spring, good luck.
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