Squirrel-proof bird feeder, North London

I take you want a shop in which case most Garden Centres offer a reasonable range - look for Droll Yankee or RSPB brands but remember that they offer different ranges for different situations.
Take a look at
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on-line sources.
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Graham Harrison
PS I quite like this one
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bear in mind this Amazon review:
I was given one of these and soon found that it needs to be hung well clear of any place from which a squirrel can jump onto it. Once a squirrel has got onto the nut cage, it will make mincemeat of the wire mesh cage. Dont underestimate the ability of a squirrel to jump amazing distances, and even to rearrance things. I got up one morning to find that they had had managed to free the supporting cable and the feeder was lying on the ground, completely chewed out of shape (and empty). I only got it to work when I carefully hung it by a wire from a tree in such a way that there was no way a squirrel could jump from the side or from below. Since finding this ideal location not one squirrel has defeated it. My dear woodpeckers now visit it every day, despite it's battered appearance from it's previous unsuccessful use. The bad news is that the nearest suitable tree is almost out of sight of my house! Buy it if you can find a location with at least a metre of clearance all around it. Otherwise learn to love squirrels! Grrrr
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Graham Harrison
We've had a squirrel-proof feeder for over ten years now and it's been 100% effective. Squirrels can jump onto it but they simply can't get the food. It's similar to this...
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(American site)
...and it's every bit as good as they say it is. I don't know where you'd get one in the UK but it would be well worth searching out.
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Mike Barnes
In message , Clive writes
It depends on part on how determined your squirrels are. which might depend on what other food sources are available.
We did have one of those wire cage type things with the feeder inside, which kept the squirrels and larger birds out, but eventually various bits rusted and it was got rid of. But for very determined squirrels they are pretty much proof against attack
In our previous house where we had quite a few squirrels I found that a stainless steel wire mesh tube tube feeder kept them out of the peanuts. They would have a go at nibbling through the mesh, but can't get much that way.
Similar to this:
for seeds we use the Metal Defender ones as here:
The base , top and the feeding ports are cast aluminium, the tube is plastic. The aluminium bits are resistant to squirrels -ours got a few teeth marks that was it. All the edges of the tube are protected, and thus resistant to squirrels as well. If they can get at it, then they can get some of the seed out, but careful mounting helps here. The quality of these feeders is excellent. Ours have lasted years.
These are widely available under the RSPB brand. Though I can recommend CJ's service.
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chris French
I put out one of those red bags of nuts for the birdies and that nasty squirrel came and stole the whole thing! I've got a wire basket one now which he hangs upside down to pick at but he prefers to just scoff the sunflower seeds on the table. I hung peanuts in shells on a string once and the jay visited them regularly... must try that again.
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