Paper Tiger (or similar), North London

Does anyone know of a place in North London (Barnet etc.) that sells
the Paper Tiger (or similar) wallpaper perforater? I have looked
around a few of the sheds (there's one of each around here) and a
couple of "specialist" decorating shops. None have such a thing.
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================================== Is there a 'Focus DIY' in your area? That's the last place I saw one of these.
Googling shows a few if you don't mind buying online.
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"Does anyone know of a place in North London (Barnet etc.) that sells the Paper Tiger (or similar) wallpaper perforater?"
I have used a "Trimeasy" for sometime. See this link. It's not a professional's tool, but it's very good for DIY'ers. It's the only trimmer that I have found to work on all types of paper , including well soaked anaglypta. Spares are easily obtainable from the manufacturers.
I got mine in Focus DIY, I've seen them in B&Q as well.
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Rob Bashford
I saw one in my local B&Q the other day - it's not marketed as a 'Paper Tiger' though, just as a generic-style wallpaper perforator. I can't remember which 'manufacturer' was on the packaging ... Stanley?? It was the yellow triangular one anyway.
If I hadn't read about them here recently I'd not have realised that the perforator I bought some 10+ years ago was indeed one of these Paper tiger things. It has the name moulded on the side somewhere.
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Hi again Clive,
I've never used a steamer. I stripped acres of woodchip slapped on top of psychadelic paper going back to about 1905 using wallwik:
formatting link
's basically wallpaper-shaped strips of absorbant fabric which you soak with water and which then stick against the wallpaper and saturate it within a few mins. Worked very well for me - do the paper tiger thing, slap a few wallwik sheets on, watch a bit of telly, return, and several sheets of paper pretty much peel away. Repeat (in my case for a few weeks) until house is woodchip-free.
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Martin Pentreath

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