Fitted Wardrobe Doors size problem

My house has a couple of bedrooms with built-in alcoves and I intend
to fit a fitted wardrobe into each one. The problem is that all
wardrobe doors I looked at (from BeanQueue) required a width of 1500
mm and up and the alcoves are only 1440 mm. Does anyone know a place
who sells fwd doors that are suitable for the sizelcovfe I have ?
Any suggestions welcome, espacially from people who have had a similar
Many thanks,
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Would these be alcoves either side of a chimney breast? If so, a solution here is to run sliding wardrobe doors right across the room, over the front of the chimney breast (which might be covered with shallow shelves?
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Or, as I did put a single door over each alcove and slide over the chimney to open. I then build a false wall in front of the chimney (which the doors slide behind) and have the bed in front of that.
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Andrew May
No, there are two bedrooms each with a single alcove. The problem with B&Q's wardrobe doors is they are not specced to suita an opening smaller than 1500mm which is obviously 60mm too big. I cannot really tell from their printed material what the problem would be and I just wanted to know if anyone here knows another source of fitted wardrobe doors that would suita apertures down to 1440mm ?
Thanks for your reply,
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Looking at my Stanley sliding doors from bnq, if the overall width was smaller all that would change would be the overlap between the doors (a cosmetic issue only). The open space would reduce slightly as well. (the rail was cut to fit my sizes) HTH Al
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do them made to size. Make sure you specify *precisely* what you want, we had some made up and we now have a 2cm door-coloured trim around the edge we didn't really want. (didn't bother to complain though)
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Andy Champ
Thanks for the pointer, I'll make a visit to their showroom on Monday seeing as they're not too far away.
Thanks again,
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